Counter Culture Tasting at Ten

One of our favorite (and arguably one of the best) coffee roasters is Counter Culture Coffee, headquartered in Durham, NC. A quick peruse of their website would reveal their commitment to quality and sustainability, but also education. Every Friday at 10am at their training centers around the country they host an event called Tasting at Ten. These events are free and allow coffee enthusiasts of all levels to taste and learn about their coffees. Each week has a theme that is meant to highlight a particular brewing method, country of origin, roasting method, or processing style. While I lived in North Carolina, Rachel and I had the chance to attend one of these events. At their headquarters in Durham, they also include a tour of their roastery.

No need to feel intimidated if you feel like a coffee novice; they create a very welcoming and approachable environment and walk you through how to taste the coffee. If you live near one of their many training centers, I highly recommend attending a tasting. It would also be a fun thing to do if you find yourself vacationing or visiting a city with a training center.

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