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It won’t take you long to learn that we are passionate about coffee. We’ve consumed it for years, but our daily routine turned into a hobby last year when we upgraded our home setup with espresso machines. Since then, we’ve spent countless hours researching technique and fine tuning our palate. Yet one of our favorite aspects of coffee continues to be the community. That is why we choose to support and visit local coffee shops at home and when we travel. While planning a trip to New York, naturally, coffee was going to be a huge element. I knew I didn’t want to check off a coffee shop just because it was popular; I was seeking a quality experience. In some cases you can have both, but I wanted to find the best of the best, even if it meant diverging from the typical high ratings and reviews. After seeking advice from local baristas and friends, I have created a list of coffee shops that, I believe, are some of the best in New York.


Williamsburg – Brookly, NY

Sey Coffee has everything I love in a coffee shop; a modern bright interior, beautiful strategically-placed plants, warm welcoming baristas, and of course, amazing coffee. It’s clear to see that Sey’s mission is quality. We enjoyed the distinct fruity flavors their coffees had to offer and the calming open-air space. After a busy day in the city it’s the perfect place to unwind.  While Sey Coffee roasts their own beans, they also sell Five Elephant coffee, a new favorite of mine.


Financial District – New York, NY

Located in the ever-so-busy financial district, Black Fox definitely needs to be on your list. With multiple roasters to choose from there is something for everyone’s palate. After having multiple coffees that day, my husband and I decided to split a cortado. Once we told the barista he jokingly replied, “Oh, is this a budget trip?” Laughingly, we explained that we were doing a coffee tour and we had already had several coffee drinks that day. Not totally satisfied with our answer he accepted our payment and we found a quiet place to sit. Within a few minutes he surprised us with two fantastic filtered coffees along with the cortado we ordered. I was blown away by the customer service and the kindness and thoughtfulness this barista shared.  The coffee was so flavorful and each was unique in its own way. If you have the opportunity I would definitely try a variety of all the amazing roasters.


Upper Westside – New York, NY

Box Kite is a small hole-in-the-wall coffee shop located at the lower end of Upper Westside. After enjoying a nice rendezvous in central park, we found ourselves only a few blocks from Box Kite, so we decided to extend our walk a little longer (coffee is always worth the extra walk). Box Kite did not disappoint. We enjoyed the personal and intentional experience with the barista, and appreciated the meticulous process of making the coffee. Serving multiple roasters from around the world that are not readily available to NYC, we relished the chance to try the El Salvador by Five Elephant, a European-based roaster.


Financial District – New York, NY 

Also located in the financial district, Voyager Espresso is a hidden gem found below the 110 William St. building. Hidden was not an overstatement; it took us quite some time to find it! Enter through the lobby of 110 William St. and go down the stairs to the subway on your right. We enjoyed the distinct futuristic, space-like decor not commonly found in coffee shops. Underground and away from the hustle and bustle, the quiet and secluded coffee shop was a nice change of pace. We really enjoyed the Konga coffee by LA CABRA and appreciated the time and precision the baristas took to make the coffee.


Williamsburg – Brooklyn, NY

Toby’s Estate Coffee is a small batch roaster located in Brooklyn, New York. The coffee was as energizing as the atmosphere. You can tell that community is part of their main focus with one glance at the room. This stop was one of the more popular joints on our list, yet the buzzy ambiance felt iconic of New York.


Williamsburg – Brooklyn, NY 

Sweatshop is a hip Aussie espresso bar located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Their coffee is incredible and you can’t forget to grab a breakfast sandwich. We felt like locals as we sipped our coffee on busy weekday morning. They have an awesome wall mural and their to-go cups couldn’t be more accurate!

There are so many amazing coffee shops in New York it’s hard to narrow it down to just a few. What’s your favorite New York coffee shop?

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